GRE – How To Prepare ?

Posted on September 5, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Entrance Exams, GRE

GRE – Graduate Record Examination general test is a computer based test offered through the year. GRE test scores are required for admissions in most of the universities of USA, Canada and other countries. It measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills that are not related to any specific field of study. GRE is conducted by Education Testing Services (ETS), New Jersey, USA.

Important tips to remember before you start preparing for GRE:

* You should first get basic understanding of the test sections and structure of GRE test.

* Make sure you have atleast 3 to  4.5 months of focused preparation time to study before you register for the test.

* Time Management is the essence of GRE Test.

* Practise is the key word for preparation of GRE, the more you will practise the more it will make you confident and get you good score in GRE test.

* Start with verbal and memorising words which takes lots of practice and time to learn. Your best vocabulary learning plan is start early, study regularly and revise constantly.

* If you learn 6 list (480 words) a week then you will finish the Word List in just over two months. Do one word list per day and revise that list in the evening.

* Simultaneously, start exercising quants side by side since quant is the most scoring section

* Even if you are good with English don’t be overconfident, because the comprehension is most tricky and far difficult than your school level, so practise as much as comprehension you can.

* For Analytical section, first read ample essays and issues to get good idea and you can also refer to phrases to make your essay more rich, then only start writing essays. Read for one hour every day

* Practice ten full-length Computer Adaptive Tests before you go to the exam.

* Revise the strategies on one section every day for one hour.

* You need to read diverse topics to improve the quality of your comprehension.

* Have trust in yourself & the hard work and efforts you have put in.

* Finally take care of your health, as it is very vital

Above all this, what will help you to keep you on edge on other students is regular practise. Do not skip even one day in your practise, keep revising the verbal section and formulae of quants.

After you complete your course once, start practising sample papers, which you get from ETS after registration and there are ample number of websites providing you sample papers. Some of the popular software’s to start are Cambridge, Peterson, Princeton (Review), Kaplan & finally Powerprep. Exhaust the database from Powerprep as few questions may be repeated in the main exam.

As the validity of GRE Exams is for 5 years it is prudent to take the GRE while the student is still pursuing his undergraduate course in his 2nd or 3rd year of  Engineering, Medical studies or any of his Bachelors. The choice of whether to go ahead with joining a graduate school or not is entirely the student s decision to make.

GRE exams can be taken once in a month and five times in a year

If you will prepare with the above tips and information keeping in mind, then you will surely come out with flying colours after your GRE test.