How to decide on Study Abroad?

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad

Study abroad has become popular among Indian students and their families. Students from metro cities as well as small towns and even villages are nowadays aspiring to study Abroad.  USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, Singapore are the countries which are the most probable destinations for these students. However it is important to understand that for any student and his or her family ‘Study Abroad’ is very important and many times a life time decision.  Hence to take a decision whether to opt for studying abroad or not has to be taken carefully. All the aspects of studying abroad must be understood by a student before coming to a decision.

The following four points are extremely important before taking a decision on Study Abroad

1)      Academic background of  a student:

Student has to demonstrate good academic standing in India before getting abroad. If student is having good grades in university and college exams in India and consistently maintaining a good academic record, then he or she is more likely to succeed in studies abroad.  Student must have clear idea on the favorite subject and topic in which he wishes to pursue education abroad.

2)      Financial capabilities:  Study Abroad is generally more expensive than pursuing similar courses in your home country. Main reason for this is currency arbitrage and bigger amounts of international fees in foreign universities. Student must analyze financial abilities before going abroad. There are many ways in which students can fund themselves. Student can opt for Bank loans from Indian banks as well. However the financing options must be decided before applying to study abroad.

3)      Options in India: There are many study options in India as well.  Student should try and get information on the options available in India as well. He or she should understand the exact benefits of studying a particular degree abroad. Many a times students get into foreign university without understanding the reasons they have gone there.  This can lead to a failure.

4)      Overall evaluation: student must get overall self evaluation done before trying for admissions abroad. Study at different country means you are going to face incredible change in your life. You will interact with new people, operate in different working conditions and face varied climatic conditions. Factors as homesickness, health issues, and financial crunch can also trouble a student. Student must be psychologically ready to adapt with the new environment and study pattern.  Student must mix up well with an international community of a foreign university and he or she must be able to portray attributes of our culture and tradition there.

Once student will analyze these factors and consult appropriate consultant he can take a decision to study abroad.