On the D-Day of GRE!

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Entrance Exams, GRE

After hours, days, months and sometimes years of persistent preparation, comes the day of GRE. It is but natural for the student to be apprehensive and anxious. But after putting in so much time and efforts, a student could eventually ace GRE only if he/she keeps calm and is in his/her senses throughout the test. Only then can he/she can have a clutter free mind and give the best.

In the few days before the test, do a review of the skills and concepts in which you are strong. Be confident as you review everything that you know – and remember that confident feeling as you take the test.

A few things and pointers that could help a test-taker immensely in putting things to place:

  • Firstly, carrying passport, an alternative photo identity (driver’s license, pan card, etc.) and the Test registration conformation page ( you get it when you register) is a must.
  • Answer as many questions as you can in each section. The more questions you answer after careful consideration, the more likely will your reported score accurately reflect your true ability.
  •  After you begin a section, the time runs continuously until you leave the section. This is true even if you click on Time Box to hide the time information, click on Help to review section directions, or click any part of the tutorial.
  • There is a one-minute break between each test section. You will be informed by an on-screen message of the availability of a 10-minute break midway through the testing session. Section timing will not stop if you take an unscheduled break.
  • Don’t hesitate to replenish your supply of scratch paper during each break.
  • When the GRE Test begins, start slowly and be relaxed. You need not rush to solve the questions because you might miss out on some of the important instructions. Remember initial few questions will set the tone for you.
  • In the middle of the GRE Test if you get stuck on any one question, do not waste your time just move on. You will be able move on to the next question before you answer the current one. And you will be able to return to any question to submit or change an answer. It’s very important that you are able to browse through all the GRE questions.
  • If you feel that you have answered something wrong, don’t keep on grudging and keep on thinking about it all the time. Let bygones be bygones and just move on with all your attention and vigor.
  • Don’t keep on speculating about the experimental section, as a test-taker, just keep one strategy, “answer what’s before with all might”.

We hope that these few tips would be of use to keep your nerves in place during the testing time!