Student (F-1) Visa for the USA – a brief overview

Posted on October 23, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad

One constantly experiences the ‘what next?’ feeling in the entire study abroad procedure. Student Visa process for the United States can be quite a big task. There are many questions, confusions, apprehensions, tensions, etc. United States follows its unique visa policy where a student needs to face an interview. Along with financial capability, interviewers also look at academics, self confidence and your approach towards higher studies. A student has to answer some general and typical questions based on his profile. Some general questions are: why are you going to USA?, Why particularly this University?, Who is funding your education?, What are your parents?, What is your parents annual income?, What is your future plan?, etc. These questions should be answered properly.

Visa process starts immediately after one gets an I-20 from the desired university. It is recommended that one should have multiple admits from USA universities while facing an interview. Going for an interview with at least 2-3 admits can help one explain the reason behind one’s university selection.

A student can schedule his/her visa interview in any of these cities: New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Mumbai. The entire visa process includes various steps; thus, it might appear confusing at first but if one follows every step carefully, he/she will find it quite easy.

Earlier, during the USA visa process a student needed to visit various offices such as HDFC Bank, VFS center in Mumbai, etc but now there are some changes in the process and the US government has tried to make the process a little simpler.

The US visa process includes the following steps:

1)      Paying visa application fee – now a days, you can pay this fee by Bank transfer, Phone Banking or at AXIS or Citi Bank counters in various branches in India.

2)      Clicking Photograph as per the visa specifications –General requirements: Photo should be against white background, 50mm * 50mm, 60% to 80% face should be visible and while taking the print it should be of mat finish. (Detailed instructions are given on the website.)

3)      Filling DS-160 form – This form is very important as it is referred by an interviewer while facing an interview. So complete it very carefully.

4)      Scheduling an appointment – There are 2 methods to schedule an appointment i.e. 1) online or 2) via telephone (information is provided on the website.) Now one needs to schedule 2 appointments. One is for biometrics and on second appointment you would be facing an actual interview.

5)      Facing an interview


While going form an interview student needs to carry his academic and financial documents. Financial documents include Bank Savings, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Income Tax Returns of parents, Bonds, Shares, Mutual Funds, Gold Valuation, Property Valuation, etc.

As said earlier, an interviewer mainly looks for self confidence and conviction of a student and it comes automatically if one is well prepared in all terms. If one’s financial planning is in place, i.e. when one has all the required financial as well academic documents, the assurance and self-confidence comes easily.

The visa is the last but very important step in the study abroad journey. It is a decisive factor of one’s future. And for bright future one should take proper guidance for visa. Counselors like us help to go through entire process smoothly. Joining any counselor does not guarantee a Visa however it will definitely channelize your efforts in a proper way.

Information on how to follow the each and every steps for US Visa  step is provided on the following mentioned website:

As a counselor we would recommend to refer to and these websites for any query as these are the official websites for the US Visa procedures.

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