Study in the United Kingdom- a brief overview

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad

Among those Indian students who plan to pursue their higher education abroad, UK is very popular as one of the top choices for education. Various reasons can be attributed to this choice.  With University of Cambridge and Oxford coming in world’s top 10 universities list, rest all traditional and modern universities feature years of experience in providing quality education to international students. Statistical report reveals encouraging figures of students went to United Kingdom for their higher education in 20122-2012. Courses in Management, Computers, Information Technology, Hotel and Hospitality are very much popular and in demand especially amongst Asians. Courses with 1 year internship especially in Engineering and Technology are promoted to offer student international environment to work in and thereby to improve his competitiveness in job market.

Great Britain has been popular destination of education among Indian students with more than 150 institutes of higher education to choose from all equipped with extensive facilities. Britain is able to offer broad spectrum of subjects from highly academic to purely practical in anything from architecture to zoology. The process of application is comparatively fast, easy and less complicated. Students can apply with only TOEFL or IELTS.  In few cases even a waiver can be obtained for IELTS or TOESL as well.

Few Salient features of UK education includes:

  1. Courses of shorter duration (normally 1 year for Masters Degrees and 3 years for Bachelors Degrees) thereby reducing cost of living and other expenses.
  2. Courses run are globally recognized with university department obliged to meet stringent standards by professional bodies.
  3. High standards not just in teaching but in other facilities as well like library, computers, and research equipments.
  4. Availability of scholarship for bright and deserving candidates.

Courses although of one year duration are very much intensive, practical in nature featuring competitive edge in global market.

The United Kingdom is the best choice for those Indian students who want to have a global degree and return back to India and join their family business or to make a corporate career. The one year duration of postgraduate education gives student a global perspective, an international degree and practical experience in the field of interest. This make them efficient and confident to operate in further professional career.