Tips to Crack TOEFL

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Entrance Exams, TOEFL

TOEFL-IBT (Test of English as a foreign language) like IELTS is a test to evaluate a student’s English speaking skills. It is a standard test to measure a student’s English fluency in order to communicate with his/her peers when he/she enters the academic set up of the university.

The TOEFL consists of four sections- Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Each section has score of 30 making the total score  out of 120. Every university has a minimum score requirement in order to admit a student to a particular program. Some universities even have sectional cut-offs for certain programs. It is very crucial that students score very well in TOEFL as a high score in TOEFL helps students get into good universities abroad.

A score of 100 and above on TOEFL is really a good score and all the students appearing for the test must aim of this landmark. If we understand section wise question patterns and strategies to handle questions in each section it is very easy to crack the TOEFL.


This is an easy section with simple reading passages. Straightforward questions are asked and are therefore scoring. However sometimes the second passage can be tougher than the first and will require some reading between the lines. Therefore vigilance is the key. Try to pace yourself during this section as many students could not complete the entire section and loose on the points. In almost all question the part of passage referring to the question is highlighted making it easy to locate the answers. So look on for questions and part of passage carefully. Reading can easily get you 25 score if you are careful.


In this section you have to listen to a set of dialogues and answer the questions based on them. This is an easy section provided you are familiar with the American accent. Sometimes however one of the dialogues can also be in English or an Australian accent. The best way to practice is to watch English programs, talk shows etc. Watch English movies and familiarize yourself with the pronunciations. Understanding the words and concentration is the key.


It is observed that many students have a major problem in the speaking section. For students who are not fluent in English speaking, practice well in advance and practice well. It is essential to speak clearly with minimum of grammatical errors. So, it is ok to speak slowly but correctly. However, do try to complete your response within the time  span so as not to lose your score. Conversing with friends and family members  in English will definitely help. However, it is best to have good professional coaching to really do well. You should also have habit of speaking into the mike as your voice is recorded in the system. So practice well with mike and listen to your speech through headphones and try and be perfect to yourself first.


This section measures how well you can express your thoughts and ideas and carries weight as the universities correlate it with how well you can write your thesis. This section has two different tasks; integrated task and independent task.  A lucid, grammatically correct writing piece with coherently expressed views will fetch a good score. However  do not give your opinion in the integrated task. You only have to answer the question asked to you. Practicing writing and proper coaching is the most important factor to acquire a high score in this section.