Why do I need a Study Abroad Counselor?

Posted on October 30, 2012 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad

In these times of communication and technological revolutions, it goes without saying that enormous information is at the disposal of a student and with numerous networking websites and several media, exchange of information takes only a few moments in certain cases and hence the disposal of information is like never before.

So, a student feels that he/she, with the help of information at hand and well-wishers, friends, relatives and seniors, can single-handedly handle the admission and visa counseling process for foreign universities .

But before making any concrete decisions and taking any serious step in the study abroad procedure, contemplate these points and see to it that you have cogent answers:

1)  Do you know which among the thousands of the foreign universities and innumerable courses are suitable for you, taking into account various considerations such as financial feasibility, individual ability and capability, viability and scope of the course, living conditions, etc.?

2)  Are you adequately conversant with the myriad labyrinthine requirements and specifications of the application process which is more often than not different for different universities and colleges?

3)   Would you efficiently and convincingly prepare all the essential application, financial and visa documents according to the stringent criteria of the foreign universities?

4)   Do you have the time, facility and competence to single-handedly handle all the rigorous processes such as course selection, university selection, online applications, filling up of forms, sending of couriers, ?

5)  Would you be able to carry out all the miscellaneous correspondences with the universities in a convincing manner?


6)  Are your friends, well-wishers or relatives, who might help you, professionally thorough with the processes of various universities and the embassy norms and do they have sufficient time to help you out at various stages?

7)   Is your or your well-wishers’ network of student community abroad strong, genuine and reliable?

8)   Have you or your helpers personally visited universities abroad and met with university representatives and admission committee members to know what exactly a foreign university looks for in an international student?

9)  Is the information you have up-to-date, latest, authentic and veritable?

Today, a student aspiring to study abroad is undoubtedly more informed than a similar student of the yesteryears. But, as they say, nothing beats the expertise that comes with hands-on experience.

The aim of this article is not to discourage the students who want to do apply independently to the foreign universities. It is just meant to help a student become aware of what it takes and how it is to apply to the foreign universities.