American Education after the 12th

Posted on January 25, 2013 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad


In the past most of the Indian students were of the notion that they can consider education in the U.S. either for master’s or for Ph.D. Very few students would think about exploring education options after H.S.C. or 12th. But in the recent years, there has been an upswing of Indian students going to the U.S. for under graduate studies. Numerous factors have led to this increasing trend. Some of them are listed below:


World-class education and cutting edge infrastructure

When it comes to education, technologies and the holistic experiences, the U.S.A. remains the undisputed leader. Whether it is the infrastructure or the faculties, there is no dearth in the U.S.A. of the best in the world.  In a developing country like India, few institutes are equipped with the latest technologies in the world but in the U.S.A. the scenario is different. Thus, the teaching and learning experience is unparalleled.

Global exposure

 As a huge melting pot of miscellaneous cultures, races, ethnicities, nationalities, the U.S.A. offers numerous opportunities to the students to interact with the denizens from all over the world. Hence, a student can learn and explore about the various civilizations and can also keep abreast of the current trends in the world.

Affordable education options possible

 There is a misconception that the U.S.A. is a very costly educational destination.  An under graduation in the U.S. would, in most cases, definitely cost more than an Indian one, however, with a focused and planned approach, the associated costs can be reduced through scholarships, waivers, assistantships and on-campus jobs.

Numerous top-ranking universities and wide selection criteria

There are over 600 universities in the U.S.A. of which about 65 universities are in the list of top 100 of the world. The selection to an American university is based on the overall profile of a student rather than just the academics. Therefore, even an academically average student who is versatile and has good extracurricular and co-curricular skills can find a suitable study option in the U.S.A.

Miscellaneous study options available and flexible education system

 Apart from the regular streams and courses, the American universities offer various specialized as well as offbeat course. A computer engineering student can specialize in cloud computing or bioinformatics and graduate with majors in psychology. Also, a student has a variety of courses to choose from unlike the fixed pattern and syllabus of an Indian university. The students are assessed in various ways such as weekly tests, open-book exams, assignments, projects, dissertations, etc apart from just a final exam. Thus, the learning is learning, comprehensive and profound.

Easy entry into foreign universities for higher studies

 An under grad from a foreign university is more likely to make it to a top-ranked university compared to a peer with an Indian degree for higher education.


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