Need of Indian Students in the Foreign Universities

Posted on February 14, 2013 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad

An Indian student at some point of academic career does harbor the aspiration to study in a top-notch international university for several reasons such as bright career prospects, tremendous global exposure, once-in-a-lifetime experience, etc. But there are several reasons why even the international universities seek students from different countries and nationalities and are especially welcoming for the Indian students. Thus, it is a mutually beneficial proposition for the students as well as the universities. The major reasons for Indian students to get welcomed at most of the foreign campuses are given below.

¨       Intellectual Ascendancy and Allegiance: Indian students are sought after for their diligence and scholastic abilities. Indian students are regarded as some of the most intellectually advanced beings who get through their entire course of academic journey and don’t drop out in the middle of the course. One would find that most of the students who go for Ph.D. or for higher studies in the international institutions belong to the Indian sub-continent. Thus, among the international applicants, Indian candidates are sought for their remarkable academic ability.

¨       Creation of a Proficient Labor Pool: Since Indian students are usually diligent and put in their best efforts to recover their education costs, they make assiduous employees. Indian students are regarded as valuable for both their international exposure and exemplary academic records.  Often governments are supportive of and encourage skilled workers to fill the increasing shortages in such areas as engineering, science and medicine, and assist them through such schemes as guaranteeing work permits for international graduates.

¨       Fusion and Diversity in student community: International universities aim to infuse the vivacity of diversity in nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, languages, etc. in the student community on campus to provide students with a wholesome environment for holistic development. Having students hailing from different parts of the world adds to the richness and motley of the academic fabric. Thus, international universities seek Indian students who bring with them vibrancy and variety.

¨       Internationalization for In-house Students: Like Indian students get international exposure in foreign universities, the in-state and in-house students or students that belong to the native country and haven’t yet travelled too get a glimpse of miscellaneous cultures. The university becomes a melting pot of several cultures and students whether international or in-house get a rich experience of varied cultures.

¨       Revenue from Tuition Fees: Although this is not a primary reason for admitting international or Indian students, international universities do generate a substantial amount of their tuition fees from the international applicants. There is usually a different fee structure for international and domestic students and international students pay fees higher than that paid by a domestic student. Thus, international students are better earning sources for the universities abroad. However, international universities do not compromise on the criteria of a student’s academic entry at the cost of higher fees and always recruit capable and diligent students. And many Indian aspirants do get placed in the foreign universities.

Thus, Indian students become a valuable and indispensable part of the students’ community for universities and their campuses in different corners of the globe.