Ways To Acquire A Good Vocabulary

Posted on April 5, 2013 by Akshay Study Abroad in Entrance Exams, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL

Words work more effectively than weapons.There are way too many ways in which vocabulary could be built and enhanced. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to learning words, idioms, expressions and phrases because what works for one might not have any benefit for somebody else and what does not do good for one might do wonders for somebody else. Thus, one must try different ways and find out what works for oneself.

  • Read abundantly: Reading has an unshakable place in the rating of the most efficient vocabulary building techniques. When you come to an unknown word while reading, rather than looking it up in the dictionary, try to figure out its meaning from the words around it. Often among these surrounding words are various types of clues that make it possible to reason out the meaning or at least the general sense, of an unknown word. Words learnt in context could be remembered very well. Perhaps, the best reading material for enhancing vocabulary could be articles, passages and essays.
  • Watch movies with sub titles:  It can be very helpful to watch movies with subtitles. If you encounter an unfamiliar word in the course of the movies, it will be better to know its spelling as well as pronunciation. Besides, subtitles can help you to understand the meaning of such a word from the context, and you will learn vocabulary much faster. After you find out the meaning of all the unfamiliar words in a particular movie, keep playing it while doing things around the house: it will help you memorize the words and even whole phrases where they were used. Try to choose movies with sophisticated and beautiful language and avoid vulgar and primitive stuff.
  • Keep a diary: It does not mean you should write pages and pages, describing all the events of the day, your feelings, emotions, ideas and thoughts, but at least a few lines on a daily basis would be more than enough. Try to use the words you recently learned, this way you will ensure hammering them into your mind. If you find it boring to write a diary, just switch to the fiction. Short stories would be perfect. You will not only give freedom to your imagination, but will sharpen your language as well.
  • Play some vocabulary game in some of the sites: There are several vocabulary games that are available on several web sites such as www.freerice.com, www.learnwordlist.com, www.dictionaryreference.com  etc.  It is very interesting and fun-filled method of learning vocabulary.
  • Use your mobile phone: Write down 5 to 10 vocabulary daily and save it in your mobile phone. Now you can use it wherever you go. It’s more effective because normally everyone carries a cell these days and it could be used whenever and wherever one wants. When your friends are playing games in mobile or when they are listening music or something else you can learn vocabulary to meet your target! Try to change font size, colour of the letter and setting just to make it unique and interesting. You can even save some sentences which can remind you those words. Also, there are several mobile software downloads such as audio dictionary, etc. available that could aid learning vocabulary.
  • Talk, chat, and communicate:  It is easy to learn vocabulary when you make sure to use the words you learn, no matter whether in a conversation or in a written form. If you are not confident using new words in everyday conversations, go for the online chat. It is a well known fact that people feel less self conscious over the Internet, so it is a nice way to start using the words you don’t feel completely comfortable with.

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