Studying Psychology in Foreign Universities

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Akshay Study Abroad in Study Abroad


Why Psychology?

Never have there existed such options and opportunities in the field of psychology as there are now for people who aspire to delve into the complexities of human mind and make a comfortable living out of it. It is a well respected profession around the world as well as a well-paying one. Just to list a few of the options, one can get a graduate designation and become a professional psychologist or beyond professional psychology one can apply the knowledge to studies of human behaviour in anthropological and social scenarios all over the world or in laboratory settings. Also, one can use the knowledge of people to pursue a career in law, management or education. Or one can help save the world by helping the needy through social work or fighting crime in criminology. Psychology grads are in high demand everywhere.

Why Study Psychology Abroad?

Firstly, studying abroad is not only an enriching cultural and anthropological experience, it’s very useful professionally as well. Employers around the world respect Psychology degrees from renowned American and British institutions more than from any other countries because psychology as a field of study originated in these countries and the quantum of research that goes in several streams of psychology in these countries is arguably unmatched by that in any other country.

Secondly, an aspirant gets to choose from varied branches of psychology viz. behavioral psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, organizational psychology, sports psychology, educational psychology, cognitive psychology, comparative psychology, cross-cultural psychology, developmental psychology, etc.

As a student pursuing a career in Psychology or Social Work, one is passionate about people and intrigued with what makes people “tick”. A psychologist’s work demands skills for inter-cultural and cross-communication, and the ability to understand and relate with a diverse population of people. Studying abroad can help an aspirant have a much better and insightful understanding of the various aspects and influences of culture.

Studying abroad is one of the very best ways in which one can prepare oneself for the future and give oneself a leg up to enter whichever field one aspires to pursue. More than any time in the past, it is critical that students entering such a people-focused field possess a global viewpoint, international experience and understanding of other cultures.

Whether an aspirant chooses a semester or year abroad, undertakes an internship, pursue a graduate degree or even does a summer abroad, he/she will not only give himself/ herself a significant advantage career-wise, but will also have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s never more in reach than during the college years.

Apart from graduate or research degrees, the interested candidates can also choose from numerous programs available for psychology majors namely Semester Abroad or Academic Year Abroad, Semester Internship Combination Programs, Internships Abroad, Summer Study Abroad, etc. Thus, the options and opportunities abound in countries such as the U.S.A., the U.K., Australia, Singapore etc. in not just the streams of psychology but also in its pursuit and the career prospects.