Cracking the TOEFL iBT – Writing Section

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For the writing section of TOEFL, a student must be able to present his/ her ideas in a clear, well-organized manner and write relevant / pertinent to the task at hand. The writing section measures the student’s ability to write English in an academic setting.

For example, in an academic course, a student might be asked to compare and contrast the points of view expressed by the professor in class with those expressed by an author in the assigned reading material. The student must successfully draw information from each source to explain the contrast. Thus, usually for the integrated writing, the test taker must be able to compare and contrast the points of view expressed by the professor in the lecture and those given in the passage.

For independent writing task, students must be able to express and support their opinions in a lucid form based on their own knowledge and experience.

Helpful tips for all types of writing

  • Always remember to come across clearly and get your points across to the reader in the most manifest manner. Keep in mind that you are writing for a reader.
  • Identify one main idea and some major points that support it.
  • Plan how to organize the essay (You can make a rough outline or draft of your writing), displaying unity of thought and coherence.
  • Develop the essay by using reasons, examples and details.
  • Express information in an organized manner.
  • Use effective linking words or transitional phrases such as “on the other hand”, “conversely”, “firstly”, “in conclusion”, “moreover”, etc. to connect ideas and help the reader understand the flow of ideas.
  • Use a range of grammar and vocabulary for effective expression.
  • Use grammar and vocabulary accurately; use idiomatic expressions appropriately.
  • Follow the conventions of spelling, punctuation, and layout.
  • Always set appropriate length of time aside to proof read your written matter to check for errors and inconsistencies.

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